Major lapse in security of Parliament House
Major lapse in security of Parliament House

Parliament Security Breach: The Parliament House, which is reputed to be the safest in the nation, has revealed two safety issues today. In the first instance, two individuals were taken into custody by the police amid protests outside the Parliament, while in the second, the incident happened during a Lok Sabha meeting.

Two people from the audience gallery suddenly jumped into the center of the House during the Lok Sabha’s proceedings. Afterward, they were placed under arrest.

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According to Congress MP Karti Chidambaram, “Two young people, aged around twenty, suddenly leaped from the audience gallery into the House, carrying canisters.” These canisters were emitting yellow smoke. One attempted to bolt for the Speaker’s chair. proclaimed a few slogans. It’s possible that the smoke was toxic. This constitutes a grave security lapse, particularly on December 13, the day of the 2001 attack on Parliament.”

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