Kili and Neema Paul Maasai Tiktokers
Kili and Neema Paul Maasai Tiktokers

Tanzania’s new TikTok sensations, siblings Kili and Neema Paul have become Bollywood’s favorite today, dressed in their traditional Maasai clothing and surrounded by cows. People love their videos so much that now the pair is receiving offers from Bollywood studios as well.

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He has set up a smartphone on a tripod outside his house in Mindu Tuliani, a small village in East Pavani. Near the city is Lugoba, an hour’s drive away, where they have to walk. Kili Paul travels to the city every day to charge his phone because there is no electricity in the village. The picture shows Kili, 26, standing beside her sister Neema, 23. They lip-sync to many popular Bollywood songs and dance to them as soon as the song starts. In the last few months, her lip-syncing videos have gone viral in India, where they are well-liked by people.

Her most popular song has been Rata Lambiya from this year’s Bollywood film Shershaah, which has been viewed over 1 million times in only a few days. Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani co-star in this film. Jubin Nautiyal surprised these two cousins during a live interview on Indian radio. “Everyone in India knows you,” Nautiyal told him.

When Kili Paul and Neema broadcast their video from Mindu Tuliani, where most people do not have smartphones, they never expected that their video would reach millions in India and beyond, according to a BBC. Kili Paul said, “Initially it was just for fun, we never thought it would go viral, so when I started seeing the thoughts and reactions of Indians, I was quite surprised.

He got his inspiration for his videos from his love of Bollywood movies. When he went to school in Dodoma, the capital, he first saw it. He and his sister have taught each other how to sing in Hindi despite not knowing the language.

Kili says, “Ever since I was little, I have been watching Bollywood movies in local theaters in Tanzania and I have fallen in love with the movies and songs. As you learn something you love, it becomes easier.”

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After initially making the video on her own, Kili asked her sister Neema to join the video, who spoke about her love for Bollywood saying, “When my brother asked me to do the video with him, I initially refused since I was afraid to appear in front of the camera.”

In their spare time, the two would graze cattle and farm before going on to interview for the country’s biggest TV and radio stations. Kili has 1.8 million followers on his verified TikTok account. He started his account less than one year ago. Neema also has a popular Instagram account with over 65,000 followers. Kili Paul’s verified Instagram account has 1.3 followers, which are increasing every day. Today his Instagram reel is being praised a lot in India, and his reels are getting the love of the people of India.

Journalists and a TV crew started showing up in our village, and everyone was surprised. My family was confused why I was dancing and singing instead of caring for my cows when I was a kid. I’m starting to realize now that I’m doing something good.”

The couple has not made any money from their videos yet, but they may soon appear on the big screen. Local media in India report that they have started getting offers from Bollywood. The two of them had always dreamed of working in the entertainment industry, but never imagined it would come true. Now wait, very soon these brothers and sisters will show you something new.

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