YouTube extends community posting access
YouTube extends community posting access

YouTube wants to make community posts more accessible to creators so they can interact with fans and share with them, and YouTube plans on expanding access to this feature in the coming months.

With the new Community tab, creators with 1,000+ subscribers can post all types of content such as GIFs, images, polls, and videos in a dedicated engagement space. YouTube has now lowered the subscription requirement to allow more channels access to this tool.

As described by YouTube: All channels with 500 followers or more will be able to make Community posts starting October 12, 2021, rather than just those with 1,000 subscribers. In the near future, we will make Community posts available to channels with under 500 subscribers. There may be a brief delay after your channel reaches 500 subscribers before you can create Community posts.

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App users will have a greater opportunity to interact with the community via this feature. Even though it’s less common, it does offer a new level of engagement for those who wish to provide additional updates, to improve their relationship with their fans, they gather viewer feedback.

The YouTube Community posts have been enhanced more recently with features such as posting metrics, multi-image updates, and post scheduling. It’s like an app version of your Facebook page, where you can list your latest posts, and people can comment upon them, and up-or downvote them in the app.

This option is most valuable to you according to the size of your channel and what you intend to post. You can use it to display specific elements, promotions, and other post types, but it also offers another surface to refer your viewers too.

In addition, YouTube says that it will remove the Discussion tab from all channels starting on October 12th, due to its expanded access to Community posts. Since the Community Tab is a more advanced version of the Discussion panel, a retired Discussion panel will be removed to make way for the Community Tab.

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These additional engagement features will no longer be accessible to smaller channels, as they will only be available to those with less than 1,000 subscribers.

In addition, YouTube does plan to expand the Community tab’s access in the near future, which will have a minimal impact in this regard. The community posting options on YouTube can be found here.

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