You will no longer be able to take screenshots on WhatsApp
You will no longer be able to take screenshots on WhatsApp

New privacy features are being developed by WhatsApp, according to reports. The View Once feature will be strengthened in this feature. This feature will stop users from taking screenshots of media files that are set to View Once. Users can readily take screenshots of View Once files, despite the fact that they can only be opened once. However, after the new function is implemented, users won’t be able to screenshot this file.

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Can’t take screenshots anymore

The feature for iOS beta users as well as the update version of WhatsApp has been sent out, according to WABetaInfo. Users of WhatsApp will now have more flexibility over how they choose to share their personal information with other users.

Trying to take a screenshot of the “View Once” media will display a warning saying “Can’t Take Screenshots Due To Security Policy.”. Additionally, even if someone were to record the screen or take a screenshot of it, they would just see black or blank space.

Previously, the app only permitted users to send trusted recipients photos and videos that had the “View Once” functionality enabled. This is due to the fact that the receiver had the ability to capture a screenshot or screen recording of the media before it vanished. With the latest version, this won’t happen, and the security will be reinforced even more.

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