Google Cloud special services have become expensive
Google Cloud special services have become expensive

Continuing with the trend that cloud infrastructure offerings are getting cheaper, Google Cloud has announced significant price increases across its core services such as storage, computers, and networking, effective October 1 this year. (Google India) The company said that the effect of changes in prices depends on the use cases and usage of customers.

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However, some customers may see an increase in their bills, said Sachin Gupta, Vice President and General Manager of Google Cloud Infrastructure. We are also introducing new options for better sync with the usage of certain services, which may reduce the bills of some customers.’

Customers are being guided directly by our team to understand how the changes may affect them,” he wrote in a blog post-Monday night. Approximately 50% of the cost will increase.

There will be a double-digit increase in the coldline storage Class A operating cost from $0.10 per 10,000 operations to $0.20. Google Cloud products will also receive new, lower-cost features and options.

“The other changes will increase the prices on some products,” Gupta said. Our ultimate goal is to offer our customers a more flexible pricing model and a variety of choices for how to use our cloud-based services.

The company has sent a six-month notice to the customers on the change in prices, which will be effective from October 1. “Customers with temporary or fixed discounts under existing committed contracts will not be subject to any changes until renewal,” Google said.

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