Fifth suspect arrested in Salman Khan house firing case

Salman Khan firing case: There’s some exciting information regarding Salman Khan‘s house firing case in Bollywood. The fifth accused in this case was taken into custody by the Mumbai Crime Branch on Tuesday from Rajasthan. The accused person goes by the name of Muhammad Chaudhary.

According to reports, Sagar Pal and Vicky Gupta, two shooters, received money assistance and recce from accused Chaudhary.

“Chaudhary is being brought to Mumbai today where he will be produced in the court and a demand for custody will be made,” the Mumbai Crime Branch stated, providing an update on this matter.

Let us inform you that Anuj Thapan, one of the accused in this case, committed himself while he was being held by the police. In an attempt to get a CBI probe into the death of Thapan while in custody, Thapan’s family has petitioned the Bombay High Court.

While Riya Thapan, the mother of the deceased, has claimed in the petition that her son was murdered, the police have stated that Thapan committed suicide while in detention. He has asked that the CBI look into Thapan’s death in the petition. It is notable that in this instance, Vicky Gupta, Sonu Bishnoi, Sagar Pal, the alleged shooter, and Thapan have all been taken into custody by the police.

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