Bank Holidays In September 2022
Bank Holidays In September 2022

Bank Holidays In September: The month of August will soon come to an end, and September is prepared to begin. For a number of days in September, banks will be closed. Start making plans right away if you have any significant job relating to the bank in September. If you don’t plan, you can run into issues. In accordance with the Reserve Bank of India’s timetable, make sure to check the calendar for any other closures in addition to the Sundays in September.

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Holidays will be according to different states

According to the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) calendar, there are a total of 8 bank holidays in September. There will be six further days off, including Saturday and Sunday. Banks will be closed 13 days a September month based on this schedule. These holidays could, however, differ from one state to another.

List of Holidays in September 2022

1st SeptemberGanesh Chaturthi (2nd day)
4th SeptemberSunday Holiday
6th SeptemberKarma Puja
7th and 8th SeptemberOnam
9th SeptemberIndrajata
10th SeptemberShri Naravane Guru Jayanti / 2nd Saturday
11th SeptemberSunday Holiday
18th SeptemberSunday Holiday
21st SeptemberSri Narayana Guru Samadhi Diwas
24 SeptemberFourth Saturday
25 SeptemberSunday Holiday
26 SeptemberNavratri Establishment

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