Call recording apps will be shut down on Android
Call recording apps will be shut down on Android

There will be a change in Google Play Store Policy as of tomorrow, May 11. There is a change in this, as Call Recording Apps have been closed on Android. So you can’t record calls on Android phones with any third-party call recording apps.

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This feature does not work with Truecaller. Call recording apps are being halted for security reasons. A company has stated that Call Recording Apps require many permissions, which many developers inappropriately take advantage of.

Apart from this, laws regarding call recording apps vary from country to country. Consequently, changes are being made by the company. Google‘s new policy will completely prohibit call recording apps from tomorrow. Due to this policy, Truecaller has also confirmed that call recording is not possible with Truecaller.

Inbuilt call recording apps will keep working

Phones that already have call recording functionality will continue to work. If your phone has an inbuilt call recording app, you do not have to worry. They will continue to work as before.

A problem will arise for those people whose phone doesn’t have inbuilt call recording capability and who record the call via a third-party application. Samsung, Oneplus, Vivo, Realme, and other companies offer phones with inbuilt call recording capabilities.

Even before the new policy, the company has made such efforts. In Android 10, the company had kept call recording off by default.

In order to resolve this limitation, apps started recording calls by using the Accessibility API. The new Google policy will no longer allow this.

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