Corona will not be terminated by Omicron
Corona will not be terminated by Omicron

Corona cases have been reported all over the world. Omicron, the new variant, has also not had much impact. Other countries, including India, are gradually easing the restrictions regarding Corona. Similarly, the WHO’s (World Health Organization) top official has said that Corona’s Omicron variant will not be its final form. Its other new variants are more likely to be released.

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The Omicron variant wild card

COVID-19 technical team member Maria Van Kerkhove revealed that the organization is monitoring four distinct forms of Omicron in a Q&A session on the WHO’s official social media forum. Maria said we now know a great deal about the virus. However, I don’t know everything. These virus variants are ‘wild cards,’ to be quite honest.

Viral changes redesign

He said that in such a situation we must constantly monitor the ways in which this virus changes and the changes in its forms. This virus, however, is highly susceptible to change.

Vaccination should be expanded

Omicron, he said, is the latest worrying pattern. It won’t even be the last worrying pattern. In these situations, not only will we have to increase the scope of vaccination once again, but also make sure the measures to prevent the spread of infection are followed.

New cases in India exceed 71 thousand

In India, however, in the last 24 hours, 71 thousand 365 new cases of Corona have been reported. Meanwhile, 1,217 people have died from infection. The positivity rate in the country is currently 4.54 percent. As a result, the number of active cases has fallen to 8,92,828. Meanwhile, 5 lakh 5 thousand 279 people have died from this epidemic.

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