Gutkha trader house raided in Hamirpur
Gutkha trader house raided in Hamirpur

In the raid on the whereabouts of a gutkha trader in Sumerpur town of Hamirpur district of Uttar Pradesh, the CGST team recovered crores of rupees on Tuesday, 12 April, with many from the State Bank for counting. Machines were imported.

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Cash was kept hidden at home

According to bank sources, cash worth crores of rupees has been recovered during SGST raids. The cash was hidden in the residence of the gutkha trader, for which counting machines were sent along with a team on location. The traders have been stirred by this action.

Team arrived in 5 vehicles

According to reports, the raids by the SGST Kanpur team continued into the night. On the old Galla Mandi of Sumerpur Town in the district, opposite Indian Bank is the residence of Jagat Gupta, the producer of Dayal Gutkha. The SGST team from Kanpur arrived in five vehicles and started raiding the residence of gutkha trader.

The gate of the house did not open for a long time

During the arrival of the team, the main gate of the house was not opened for a long time, which was reprimanded by the team officials. The family members of the businessman were then forced to open the gate.

Large scale disturbances

Apparently, the team has found large-scale errors, which they are trying to match. An SGST team has found crores of rupees in cash from the residence of the gutkha trader, and officials are comparing the accounts.

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