How to Share a Contact on WhatsApp
How to Share a Contact on WhatsApp

Few users know about the new feature of the popular messaging app company WhatsApp with the Meta rights, even though everybody uses it today. If you also use WhatsApp for chatting, you should know about this. As part of this report, you will describe a feature of WhatsApp that will make your work easier than before.

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How to Share a Contact on WhatsApp

Contact sharing is a feature of this company. Your process of sharing contacts has obviously taken a long time. Previously, you would have had to copy and paste the description into the chat, but now you won’t have to do that.

Use this method to share contacts on WhatsApp:

1) On your smartphone, open WhatsApp first.

2) Tap ‘Personal Chat’ or ‘Group Chat’ to send contact details.

3) To open the message box, Android users must tap the paper clip icon.

4) iOS users need to click the ‘+’ icon at the bottom right corner of their screen.

5) Tap Contacts in the menu.

6) You share contacts here by tapping on the contacts you wish to share.

7) To send the contact card, tap on the send button.

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