Mahua Moitra Bribery Case Updates
Mahua Moitra Bribery Case Updates

Mahua Moitra Bribery Case: Following its initial meeting on the Mahua Moitra bribery case, the Lok Sabha Ethics Committee has now asked the IT Ministry for Mahua-related travel and login information.

On Thursday, the Ethics Committee convened for the first time regarding this issue. Lawyer Jai Ananth Dehadrai and BJP leader Nishikant Dubey had also recorded their statements during that period.

The Ethics Committee has requested information regarding Mahua Moitra’s login in a letter to both the Home Ministry and the IT Ministry. In addition, details regarding Mahua Moitra’s whereabouts have been requested in order for the Ethics Committee to verify the veracity of all the accusations made against her.

There has been an accusation against TMC MP Mahua Moitra that she has taken money and asked questions in Parliament. On behalf of the businessman, he allegedly targeted the government and Adani Group with his queries.

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