Lassa virus knocks after corona
Lassa virus knocks after corona

Lassa Virus: Coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world and is not expected to go away soon. This time around the world, however, the concerns have increased due to the arrival of new viruses. Three people in Britain have been infected with a virus known as Lassa. Unfortunately, one of them has passed away. In spite of the fact that this virus has not yet spread outside of Africa, scientists are concerned after cases were found in Britain. This virus is responsible for Lassa disease, which has no cure.

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At the beginning of infection with the Lassa virus, no specific symptoms are displayed. Even though this disease has a low mortality rate, 80 percent of cases do not show any symptoms. As of today, there is no cure for the disease, according to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control. Hospitalization is necessary for some patients with a lot of complications, 15% of those who reach the hospital die.

What is the Lassa virus?

According to news reports in the Indian Express, the disease was first discovered in 1969 in a city called Lasa in Nigeria. Two nurses died of this disease, bringing this to light. The first sign of Lassa virus infection is fever. Rats transmit the disease to humans. Several African countries have declared the disease a pandemic, including Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Guinea, and Liberia.

How the disease is spread

Humans are infected with the disease by rats. Quite often, this disease is transmitted by eating the feces and urine of rats or foods contaminated with their waste. It is very difficult to transmit this disease (Lassa fever) by touching or being near an infected person. Another person can also contract this disease if he comes into contact with the fluid of an infected person. As a result, another person cannot be infected by it unless the infected individual shows symptoms. Apart from that, the disease cannot be transmitted through touching, shaking hands, or sitting next to someone who has the disease.

Who is at greater risk?

Pregnant women are most susceptible to the Lassa virus. According to the CDS, Lassa virus infection is more common among pregnant women in their third trimester.

In how many days do symptoms appear

Following the Lassa virus infection, the patient does not show any symptoms for 1 to 3 weeks. After this, the symptoms are very mild, and people ignore them as simple fevers. Fever, fatigue, weakness, headache, and fatigue are mild symptoms. The patient begins to have trouble breathing when in a serious condition. Aside from this, swelling on the face and pain in the waist, chest, and abdomen also begin. Bleeding often occurs in severe cases.

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Permanent hearing loss is a risk factor

The virus takes effect after 1 to 3 weeks. As such, if complications arise two weeks after symptoms appear, the risk of death also increases. Though the mortality rate from this disease is low, deafness is a common complication. Some patients develop permanent deafness.


The disease is spread by rats. Always stay away from rats. Rats should never be allowed to come into contact with food. It is important to drive away rats not only from the areas where this disease is present but also from other areas.

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