Ice is melting rapidly in Greenland
Ice is melting rapidly in Greenland

According to a NASA report published in late January, on a portion of Greenland’s coast, ice is melting due to the warming of the Arctic Ocean.

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Climate change is causing the Earth to become warmer. Danish researchers reported this week that the Greenland Ice Sheet is melting very quickly. Over the last 20 years, Greenland’s ice has melted so much that the entirety of America would be submerged under a half-meter of water.

A NASA report states that the Arctic is warming faster than any other region and that the melting of ice from Greenland contributes to the increase in ocean water. Global warming research project Polar Portal estimates that Greenland’s ice sheet has melted about 4,700 billion tons of ice since 2002.

Apparently, the melting ice in Greenland can submerge America in water for over half a meter. The melting of glaciers is causing sea levels to rise rapidly. The sea level has risen by 1.2 cm only as a result of Greenland’s ice melt.

GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) satellite imagery is used to build Polar Portal findings. It appears that the melting of ice is occurring most rapidly at the edge of the ice sheet in the Arctic region.

Melting glaciers is contributing to the thinning of the ice sheet caused by global warming. West Greenland appears to be particularly affected, according to statistics. Climate change is especially problematic in the Arctic. Scientists report that the region is warming at a rate greater than that of the rest of the world.

The Greenland ice cap may be melting due to Arctic Ocean warming, NASA reported in late January. Glaciers in Greenland are melting because of the heat. They have been melted by hot air above them. More than seven meters of sea level could be raised by the Greenland ice sheet.

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