Omicron cases in India
Omicron cases in India

In India, the number of cases of Omicron doubles every three days. As of now, it has spread to 12 states in the country. Meanwhile, the rate of getting new variants of Corona Omicron is increasing on a daily basis. The number of cases filed by Omicron surpassed 150 on Sunday.

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In Delhi, two new Omicron cases were reported on Monday. There have been 24 Omicron infected here so far. Maharashtra reported six new cases on Sunday. Thus, the total cases have now reached 54. Likewise, along with Omicron, the rate of Corona infections is also increasing.

The Center and the state have already released data indicating 54 cases have been reported in Maharashtra, 24 in Delhi, 17 in Rajasthan, 19 in Karnataka, 20 in Telangana, 15 in Gujarat, and 11 in Kerala. There has been one reported case each in Andhra Pradesh, Chandigarh, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal.

Omicron has been growing at an impressive rate not only in India but also internationally. With the onset of winter, infections are on the rise in many countries. Corona, as well as Omicron, has caused great explosions in Britain and South Africa. In spite of vaccination, people are still getting infected. However, it is a matter of relief in the meantime that Omicron has not yet proven lethal. In spite of this, the Delta variant remains more lethal than the Omicron.

U.S. authorities remain concerned about the Delta variant. In America, the second wave caused a great deal of damage. The US is experiencing another cold winter, according to Reuters, with an increase of 45 percent in hospitalizations last month and a 40 percent rise in cases.

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