Sai Dharam shared his first photo with thumbs-up
Sai Dharam shared his first photo with thumbs-up

Bollywood actor Sai Dharam Tej is quite popular with his fans. His career has so far included many great movies for Sai Dharam Tej. Recently, this rare actor was involved in an accident.

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He was immediately taken to a hospital in Madhapur, Hyderabad after he became involved in an accident while riding a bike. A thumbs-up photo has been shared by the actor Sai Dharam after his accident.

Sai Dharam Tej’s condition became more critical after the accident. Moreover, the actor had to remain in the ICU after the accident. His fans have now been relieved by the actor sharing a photo.

It has been a lot of speculation since the actor was hospitalized almost a month ago. Actors from the South had said recently that Dharma was in a coma after the accident. But now Sai Dharam shared his first photo and brought a wave of happiness to the face of his fan.

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Dharma has shared a picture of Thums Up to Instagram, thanking you all for loving and supporting my film “Republic”. He captioned it as a small message of gratitude. I’ll see you soon.

Social media users are increasingly sharing this post of Sai Dharam. This post is receiving fervent comments from celebrities and fans.

CCTV footage of Sai Dharam Tej’s accident has also been released. As a result, Sai ended up dragging on the road after losing his balance. Also, Vaishnav, the brother of South Actor, has shared an update. Sai Dharam Tej suffered a bike accident on 10 September.

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