Stone pelting before Eid in Rajasthan Jodhpur over flag
Stone pelting before Eid in Rajasthan Jodhpur over flag

Eid is being celebrated with great pomp across the country today. The incident of stone pelting from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, is coming out before Eid. The Internet service in this area has been suspended following the incident of stone-pelting.

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In Jodhpur, before Eid on Monday evening, there was a dispute regarding hoisting the flag at the Jalauri Gate. Both communities clashed afterward. Police have protected Eid prayers in Jodhpur after the internet was shut down there.

In addition, there is a three-day-long festival called Parshuram Jayanti taking place in Jodhpur, in which both communities raised religious flags. This dispute turned into a conflict as a result. After the crowd became so large, the police used force to disperse them. Furthermore, a police post has been attacked in the area. There is still tension in Jodhpur.

Stone-pelting injured four policemen early Tuesday morning, according to PTI. The police control room officer said, “Four policemen were injured in stone-pelting. A large amount of police force has been deployed in the area to control the situation.” The Chief Minister appealed to the people to maintain peace.

Gehlot said in a tweet, “Honoring the tradition of love and brotherhood of Jodhpur, Marwar, I appeal to all parties to cooperate in maintaining peace and restoring law and order.” Gehlot said he had instructed the administration to maintain peace and order.

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