Sushmita Sen Aarya 2
Sushmita Sen Aarya 2

Aarya, a crime thriller web series created by Sushmita Sen, premiered on the streaming platform Disney+ HotStar in June 2020. Sushmita Sen appeared in a completely new and different way. Sushmita Sen’s web series was well received by the audience, and now a second season has been released as well.

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As soon as ‘Aarya 2‘ was released, Sushmita Sen’s film became the talk of the town. The audience has been praising it a lot. Her acting has once again won the hearts of the audience, especially Sushmita Sen. Also, Twitter users are reacting to this through the #AaryaSeason2 tag.

The cast of Aarya Season 2: Sushmita Sen, Sikandar Kher, Vikas Kumar, Akash Khurana, Jayant Kriplani, and others. Before the first season of Aarya, Sushmita Sen had already won the hearts of the audience, and now she is once again showing off her strong style.

Aarya In Season 1, Aarya loses her husband due to a family crime and then has to flee the country with her children. Aarya 2 starts here. Since Aarya is running from one country to another under Witness Protection, she comes to India to testify against her father since she has no protection there.

Later, she changes her mind and does not testify against her father. The whole scene then turns upside down. Aarya loses her brother, and she is also to blame for this. All this has left him facing many difficulties. In such a situation, Aarya decides to take charge of everything on her own, and from here Aarya 2 takes on new twists and turns. As the layers of the crime thriller are revealed one by one, the curiosity of the audience increases.

With her outstanding performance in Aarya 2, Sushmita Sen has managed to win the audience over. Aarya’s character was played by Sushmita with great enthusiasm in this web series. In the face of enemies, a lonely mother tries everything to protect and save her children. She is neither afraid of fighting nor of taking a stand against her family.

The third season of Aarya is eagerly awaited by viewers after the second season has been viewed. The web series’ other actors are also looking great. Whether Sikander Kher or Ankur Bhatia.

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