Google Search Updates for Top News Stories
Google Search Updates for Top News Stories

You may have noticed that when searching for news, has looked a little different in the past few days. The ‘Top News Stories’ carousel has been updated on Google’s desktop website with a grid-based organization structure.

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Google Search Updates for ‘Top News Stories’

Now, instead of “Top News Stories” being displayed as a list or carousel, Google uses a grid. For more minor topics, you’ll get a 2×2 layout, while for more significant stories, you’ll get larger cards, images, and headlines.

top news stories

A short summary is provided at the top of this example of international news. For now, the four-article grid has been restricted to examples of implementing features/updates.

As soon as Google finds “more than one story related to your search, “the results will be arranged to make it easier to determine what is most appropriate. In 2019, mobile users around the world were introduced to this, which is now being made available to desktop users.

Determine the beginning and end of each related article by examining related articles; machine learning techniques, such as BERT models, are used to build these groups. Clustering results into clearly defined stories is key to assisting people in navigating results and identifying the most relevant content for their needs.

The Top news stories widget helps visually separate Google News’ blue links from the regular list of stories.

For example, if you search for “Instagram news,” you might see news stories such as “Instagram boss faces US lawmakers over allegations against its impact on kids” and “Instagram Aims to Launch Chronological Feed Option in 2022: Adam Mosseri,” as well as those under “Also in the news.”

google search update news stories
google search update news stories

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