Vehicle registration renewal
Vehicle registration renewal

In spite of the government’s push for scrapping; a new set of rules has been introduced to allow old vehicles to be reregistered. As a result of the new notification; vehicle owners who wish to renew a car’s registration that is more than 15 years old will be required to pay an eight-fold increased fee beginning in April 2022.

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Commercial vehicles are included in the notification. The renewal of the fitness certificates will increase the costs for trucks and buses owners. It is anticipated the notification will become effective next year after the ministry of road, transport, and highway issues it.

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Renewals of vehicles older than 15 years will cost Rs 5,000, according to the notification. You only have to pay Rs 600 to re-register. In addition to old two-wheeler owners; there will be a new fee of Rs 1,000 in place of the current Rs 300. A renewal fee of Rs 12,500 versus Rs 1,500 is now required for commercial vehicles.

The owner may also be fined additional fines; if the automobile is not re-registered. If the owner fails to register their vehicle. They will be charged Rs 300 for private vehicles, and Rs 500 for commercial vehicles every month. Owners of commercial vehicles failing to renew their fitness certificates will have to pay Rs 50 per day; in addition to the filing fee.

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Delhi-NCR residents have no respite

Throughout the capital and its surrounding areas, the old rule of banning 10-year-old diesel cars and 15-year-old petrol cars will continue. These rules remain the same. All states of India except Delhi-NCR are covered by the new notification.

A number of testing centers have already been announced as part of the government’s Vehicle Scrapping Policy. Scrappage rules and policies have not been finalized by the center yet.

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