Action will be taken against e-commerce companies buying fake reviews
Action will be taken against e-commerce companies buying fake reviews

Any company that writes fake reviews about online shopping, hotel or travel product, or a restaurant’s food and service will suffer greatly. The government announced the adoption of new guidelines on Monday in an effort to combat bought and fraudulent reviews. The new guidelines designed to stop false reviews will go into effect on November 25. following their becoming voluntarily.

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If the businesses do not adhere to these norms, the government may later make them obligatory. A corporation will be penalized for unfair trade practices if it violates the requirements.

These criteria have been established by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for evaluating any products or services. Rohit Kumar, secretary of the Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs, announced the norms and noted that they will all first be voluntary. He claimed that India was the first nation to establish guidelines for a writing product or service reviews.

Fake reviews will be banned

E-commerce businesses won’t be able to purchase phony and paid reviews once these regulations are in place. According to Rohit Kumar, one must only request verification in BIS after adhering to all review-related norms. A certificate will then be issued by BIS. Following that, the business may mention it on its website. Those businesses that disregard these norms will face harsh punishment.

Customers will get direct benefit

Reviews have a big impact on customers when they shop online. Customers cannot touch or physically inspect products on e-commerce platforms. In such cases, many customers won’t make their decisions about whether or not to purchase a product until they have read the review posted on the website or on another website that has already reviewed it. For this reason, many businesses fabricate reviews of their goods in order to boost sales.

Penalties for not following standards

According to Rohit Kumar, the business will now have to provide an explanation of how it assigns star ratings to products based on customer feedback. He claimed that e-commerce enterprises are also the target of numerous complaints. The government has established requirements for the review keeping this in mind. All websites that publish reviews must adhere to these guidelines. A fine will be imposed on the government if the organization pays for positive reviews and five-star ratings. Additionally, action will be taken if negative reviews are received from other businesses.

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