Amazon launches air freight service in India
Amazon launches air freight service in India

Amazon has introduced its dedicated air freight service, Amazon Air, in India as the e-commerce giant expands its logistics network in the important international market.

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The company said its first air freight service in the nation, which would allow the company to accelerate its deliveries, was launched in partnership with Bengaluru-based cargo carrier Quikjet.

Deliveries to Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru will first be made by Amazon Air, which is employing Boeing 737-800s for the service.

In 2016, Amazon started Air in the US with more than 30 Boeing cargo aircraft. The technology was also initially tried in the UK. The third country where Amazon has introduced its delivery service in India.

The move was taken after Amazon in the nation late last year made its transportation and logistics network available to enterprises, organizations, and direct-to-consumer brands.

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