Bengali actor Pallavi Dey found dead at her Kolkata flat
Bengali actor Pallavi Dey found dead at her Kolkata flat

Kolkata News: A piece of sad news has come out from the entertainment world. Bengali actress Pallavi Dey’s body was found hanging from a noose in her Garfa, Kolkata, flat. In the show ‘Mon Mane Na‘, the actress who played the lead role was 21 years old. Police believe that it is a suicide case based on the preliminary investigation. His fellow actors and fans are shocked at the news.

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Bengali actress Pallavi Dey found dead at her Kolkata flat

Pallavi Dey’s body was found hanging on a fan in her house. The doctor declared them dead after the actress was taken to Bangur Hospital. A post-mortem will be conducted on the actress’ body. Police are also investigating the actress’s actions to find out why she did suicide. It is believed that she lived with her live-in partner at the time.

The caretaker told reporters that the actress’s partner called loudly after noticing her hanging on the noose. With the help of the housekeeping staff, Pallavi was escorted down, where the police were called.

Two days ago, Pallavi spoke with “Mon Mane Na” co-star Anamitra Batabyal. “I’m shocked,” he said. He talked to her after the television show was taped on May 12. Another team member said, “I can’t believe this news.” She had joined the shoot two days earlier and we didn’t know if she was sad. I still can’t believe she is no more.

‘Resham Jhampi’ made Pallavi a household name because of her soulful performance. She is currently appearing in the show ‘Mon Mane Na’, in which Sam Bhattacharya plays the lead, while Anjana Basu plays the antagonist.

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