Corona havoc again in China Shanghai city
Corona havoc again in China Shanghai city

India has experienced a decrease in Corona infections, and people have been negligent in following the Corona Guidelines, but believing this could be a big mistake. Chinese officials have announced another lockdown in Shanghai due to the rapid spread of the Corona infection in the country.

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The streets of Shanghai, China’s largest city, are deserted due to the re-lockdown, and Shanghai’s local government has said the lockdown will remain in effect in Pudong and surrounding areas of Shanghai from Monday to Friday. Both of these areas are undergoing large-scale tests of COVID-19.

Lockdown in the downtown area

Starting Friday, the local government of Shanghai will take strict measures in the downtown area west of the Huangpu River. We have asked people to stay inside and not go outside unnecessarily. Ordering food and drinks online has been encouraged. According to a government order, all offices except the essential ones will be closed.

Closed Shanghai corporate offices

In order to prevent the spread of Corona, public transportation will be shut down. Shanghai, a city with a population of 26 million, has seen the closure of offices of many well-known companies. City Covid-19 tests are being conducted at a number of locations. In Shanghai, the Disney theme park is already closed by the lockdown due to Corona, which is also affecting the economy. Traders are suffering from a lot of losses here.

China continues to follow a dynamic zero covid policy

Corona cases have increased in Jilin, a province in northeastern China. In China, great effort is being made to prevent Covid as part of the ‘Dynamic Zero-Covid’ policy. Chinese officials say that a lockdown must take place immediately in order to effectively prevent Covid. Our full attention is focused on preventing Corona as soon as possible. To achieve this, lockdowns must be taken.

In China, 87 percent of people have received the vaccine

The Chinese President Xi Jinping has praised the efforts made to prevent Corona, saying whatever measures are taken to stop it is better than nothing. China has vaccinated 87 percent of its population so far.

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