Fight between Ghana's MPs over Electronic Payments Tax
Fight between Ghana's MPs over Electronic Payments Tax

The Parliament of Ghana has been rocked by shocking pictures. The ruling party and opposition engaged in violent clashes over a bill here. Starting with a ruckus, the ruckus went through boxing and finally reached fighting, which then became a ring for freestyle wrestling.

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E-payments would be taxed

Parliament of Ghana debated the electronic payment tax for the first time on Monday. Prior to reaching the chamber’s front, the opposition MPs made noise and shouted slogans. Thus, MPs began scuffles, and situations worsened and worsened until democracy itself became ashamed.

Marshall could not be saved

Despite multiple attempts by marshals assigned to protect the House, the ruckus did not subside. Lifting the chair in an attempt to throw it was unsuccessful for several MPs.

Images captured by CCTV cameras

It has been reported by Reuters that in the midst of the ruckus in the house, some escaped and lived, while someone was seen wandering around. There is also a video of Parliament that has gone viral.

Conflict with this bill

We can tell you that the government here has submitted a proposal to levy a tax on e-payments, also known as mobile payments. Government officials proposed a tax of 1.75 percent on mobile money transactions as part of this bill. Suddenly, the opposition became so aggressive that no one understood what had happened.

The country of Ghana is among the poorest in West Africa. The opposition has shown solidarity in regards to the burden being placed on the pockets of the general public in such a situation.

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