Good news for FB Messenger users
Good news for FB Messenger users

Meta (Meta) will soon start rolling out end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for its Facebook Messenger app. End-to-end encryption will be available for both voice and video calls.

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It was announced on Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page. Group chats and group audio and video calls will also be able to utilize end-to-end encryption. Previously, this feature was only available for text chatting.

The company’s other app, WhatsApp, has been updated to provide end-to-end encryption. As well as encrypting its backups on Google Drive, WhatsApp has also encrypted backups elsewhere. The feature is now available on Facebook Messenger as well. Mark Zuckerberg commented on Facebook that he is very pleased with the widespread adoption of encryption.

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What is an End-To-End encryption feature?

WhatsApp Messenger uses end-to-end encryption currently, so we can understand it well by using WhatsApp as an example. WhatsApp reports in its FAQ that ‘End-to-end encryption’ ensures the security of messages and calls between yourself and your contacts. No one else can read, hear, or see them, not even WhatsApp.

A key element of end-to-end encryption is the use of a digital lock that ensures messages are protected before they are sent, requiring a digital key that can only be accessed and heard by the recipient. Nobody can see, read, or listen to these messages in between. All of this happens automatically.

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To secure your messages, you do not need to enable End-to-end encryption on settings.

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