Google banned 7 apps from Play Store
Google banned 7 apps from Play Store

Google has banned 7 apps from the Play Store after finding out they contained malware. The Joker malware was identified by a Kaspersky malware analyst named Tatyana Shishkova. These seven apps were infected with malware such as Trojan Joker, according to Tatyana. Users of the Squid game have recently been subjected to similar attacks from cybercriminals using malware.

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Google has already removed these apps after learning of the issue. The apps are still being used today, despite the fact that millions have already downloaded them. Delete the apps and protect your privacy if you have them on your phone.

These seven Android apps are dangerous…

1. Now QRcode Scan (more than 10,000 installed)

2. EmojiOne Keyboard (over 50,000 installations)

3. Battery Charging Animations Battery Wallpaper (over 1,000 installations)

4. Dazzling Keyboard (installed by more than 10)

5. Volume Booster Louder Sound Equalizer (installed by more than 100)

6. Super Hero-Effect (over 5,000 installations)

7. Classic Emoji Keyboard (over 5,000 installations).

The most common malware attacks target making illegal money by stealing subscriptions and in-app purchases. It would be better if users would be careful when clicking on links or making purchases that look suspicious.

Increasing numbers of people are shopping online these days, which is resulting in an increase in cyber attacks. The gaming industry is also experiencing an increase in cyber-attacks. If any app from the above list is on your phone, then remove it immediately.

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