Mahindra Electric Atom car
Mahindra Electric Atom car

The craze for electric vehicles is growing in India, and now both the companies and the customers are showing interest. The market for electric vehicles is now being expanded by startups as well as big manufacturers. Atom quadricycles with Treo Auto, Treo Jor delivery vans with E-Alpha Mini Tippers, and Treo Tipper variants are all offered by Mahindra Electric. Mahindra’s market share in the electric 3-wheeler segment is 73.4 percent, which causes the company to remain at the top.

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Mahindra Atom Quadricycle

The electric-powered Mahindra Atom has a variety of smart and comfortable features. Besides the e-Alpha Mini, Mahindra introduced the electric Alpha Tipper on the market. On a single charge, the e-Alpha Mini Tipper can travel up to 80 kilometers on its 1.5 kWh battery pack. It has a capacity of 310 kg. Currently, only commercial vehicles are available in the Mahindra Atom line. If it will be available for personal use is not yet clear.

Its cost will be only 3 lakhs!

From the point of view of looks and features, the Mahindra Atom will be a good value for money car, but it will also be affordable. From now on, speculations about the car’s price will be unfair, but the car is estimated to cost about Rs 3 lakh. It takes five hours to fully charge the Mahindra Atom, which has a top speed of 50 km/h. It is possible to travel 120 km on a single charge for Atom electric quadricycles. The electric autorickshaws have shown to be an excellent option.

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