Income tax raid on the premises of State Home Minister Rajendra Yadav in Jaipur
Income tax raid on the premises of State Home Minister Rajendra Yadav in Jaipur

IT Raid in Rajasthan: Rajendra Yadav, a minister of state for the home, and his family have been the subject of a raid by the income tax department in Rajasthan. In Jaipur, extensive raids have been carried out. The raiding activities only began this morning.

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According to reports, 50 locations were raided at once. The CRPF members who participated in the raid have been enlisted by the Income Tax Department as well. There are reportedly about 300 police officers participating in the proceedings. A minister who is regarded to be close to CM Ashok Gehlot is Rajendra Yadav.

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Raid on Minister Rajendra Yadav’s residence

Raids are also underway in Jaipur at the residences and offices of Minister of State for Home Rajendra Yadav. Other businessmen have been roused by the Income Tax Department’s operations. According to reports, the Minister of State and his family members have the income tax key hidden in more than 53 locations. The Income Tax squad has been conducting raids since Wednesday at about 5:00 am. Along with the team, a sizable number of police officers and CRPF members are present. Additionally, about 100 trucks were utilized in the operation.

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Midday meal supply-related matter

The issue relates to the disruption of the mid-day meal supply. After the IT raid, a sizable amount of black money is anticipated to be revealed. Early in the morning, teams from the Income Tax Department arrived at the homes, workplaces, and other locations of business organizations connected to the minister and his kin. The Minister of State’s house is also being searched. Rajendra Yadav, Rajasthan’s Minister of State for Home, is said to have relatives and relations working at the mid-day meal bag plant that is being raided in Kotputli.

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