Apple iPhone 14 Pro news
Apple iPhone 14 Pro news

According to a new report, Apple is expected to announce its iPhone 14 series around September and the pro model will feature 8GB of RAM, setting a record for the highest memory in an iPhone.

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A Korean blogger, yeux1122, has confirmed that the 8GB figure is accurate. According to AppleInsider, mass production is also underway.

yeux1122 said the “iPhone 14 Pro” is equivalent to the 8GB RAM version of Samsung Galaxy’s latest device. iPhones have never had 8GB options.

There will be both hole-punch and pill-shaped cutouts above the display on the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro models. On the front of the phone, the circular hole could house a dot projector, while at a minimum, the pill-shaped cutout could house a front camera and an infrared camera for Face ID.

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Cameras would be upgraded on the Pro models. The current Pro iPhones are equipped with a 12MP camera. On iPhone 14 Pro models, there will be a 48MP camera.

Apple has reportedly instructed US carriers to prepare for the launch of eSIM-only smartphones this fall. As originally reported, Apple maybe removes the physical SIM card slot from iPhone 14 models in the near future instead of iPhone 15 models.

Moreover, dual-SIM functionality is enabled with two eSIM cards. Further water resistance could be achieved by removing the SIM card slot.

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