Petrol-diesel prices increased after 137 days in India
Petrol-diesel prices increased after 137 days in India

Petrol Diesel Price: After 137 days, the price of petrol and diesel has been raised. Since Tuesday, the price of a liter of petrol in Delhi has risen to Rs 96.21. Diesel is priced at Rs 87.47 per liter. In the past, petrol and diesel were 95.41 and 86.67 rupees per liter, respectively. Petrol and diesel prices were raised on November 04, 2021, and now they have been raised after a total of four months.

Petrol Diesel Price Hike in India

Diesel and petrol prices in Delhi increased by 80 paise. Delhi has experienced its first price increase since December 1, 2021.

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Know Petrol and Diesel Current Prices in your City

The following are the prices for 1 liter of petrol and diesel:

Kolkata: Currently, a liter of diesel costs Rs 90.62 in Kolkata. For petrol, the price has risen to Rs 105.51.

Jaipur: Jaipur has increased the cost of a liter of diesel to 90.70. Petrol has been increased to 107.06.

Mumbai: Diesel has become more expensive in Mumbai, with the price of one liter rising to Rs.95.00. Alternatively, one liter of petrol will be available for Rs 110.82.

Chennai: In Chennai, a liter of diesel costs Rs 92.19. Petrol is also more expensive at Rs 102.16.

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Hyderabad: As of now, diesel will cost Rs 94.62 per liter in Hyderabad. Petrol is now priced at Rs 108.20 per liter.

Patna: Diesel will now cost Rs 91.09 for a liter in Patna. Petrol is now priced at 105.90 for a liter.

Bangalore: Bangalore has increased the price of 1 liter of diesel to Rs 85.01. There will be a price of Rs 100.58 for one liter of petrol.

Bhopal: In Bhopal, a liter of diesel costs 90.87. Petrol is now priced at 107.23 per liter.

Lucknow: In Lucknow, the cost of a liter of diesel will now be 86.80 and a liter of petrol will be 95.28.

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Also, how much does petrol and diesel cost in other cities? The Indian Oil website provides information regarding this. Here you will find the new prices. Please let us know that the new rates are effective this morning, at 6 am.

On Monday, oil prices jumped on the global market. Brent oil has reached a price of $ 118.96 per barrel.

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