Russia imposed a ban on Instagram and Facebook
Russia imposed a ban on Instagram and Facebook

In the past month, there has been a war between Russia and Ukraine. Russia’s military action was opposed by many countries, which imposed various sanctions on it. Financial restrictions are also included. As well as Google and Facebook, social media platforms have announced sanctions against Russia.

Moreover, a Russian court has issued an order blocking access to Instagram and Facebook in the country. Meta, its company, has been cited by the court as promoting extremism.

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Russians use Facebook and Instagram on a massive scale, according to a court in Moscow. Both of these social media platforms promote insurgency-related activities. In spite of that, the court declared Meta’s WhatsApp Messenger not to be a source of information but a medium for communication. A court has decided to impose the ban under extremist-related laws.

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Meta Company was accused Monday of creating a fake alternate reality in which Russians are hated by the FSB Security Service during a hearing in Moscow. The Meta organization, he says, is hostile towards Russia and its forces.

A representative of the FSB, Simon Kowalski, told the court that Meta’s products can be used by both individuals and legal entities without being construed as extremist or linked to extremist activities. Meta will not hold individuals responsible for their use of its services.

The Russian government has not yet indicated whether or not companies that buy advertisements on Facebook and Instagram are subject to prosecution for funding militant organizations under Russian law.

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Meta’s lawyer, Victoria Shagina, told the court that her company does not engage in any extreme activities and opposes any kind of Russophobia.

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