Russia launched drone strikes on Ukraine on Monday
Russia launched drone strikes on Ukraine on Monday

Another alarming move is occurring in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. In actuality, the Crimea Bridge explosion has rocked Russia. So, one after another, Russian soldiers are striking Ukraine. On Monday, Russia attacked Ukraine once more. According to the prime minister of Ukraine, drone assaults by Russian forces were made in three of his areas. In this attack, most of their vital infrastructure has been damaged. Additionally, this attack caused the loss of energy in roughly 100 villages.

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The source claims that on Monday morning, Russian drones attacked the middle of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. When these incidents took place, people were out of their houses. A crowded area is said to have been the scene of the attacks. In addition to this, the Russian army has started firing in numerous Ukrainian cities. For the second time in a week, Russia has launched attacks against Ukraine as a whole.

The Ukrainian army allegedly attempted to shoot down the drone following the explosions in central Kiev, according to the news. At the drone, this number of bullets were fired.

Three persons were reportedly killed in an attack on a residential building in Kyiv, according to a representative of Ukraine’s presidential administration. Likewise, several structures have been completely destroyed. Workers from the emergency services are attempting to put out the fire.

Ukraine claimed that Iran-built “suicide drones” were responsible for these strikes. who first approach their target and detonate there. On the other hand, Russia’s Defense Ministry said that it had launched a significant offensive on Ukrainian military installations and energy infrastructure.

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