celebrity makeup trick that makes your skin glow
celebrity makeup trick that makes your skin glow

Often looking at the makeup style of celebrities, one thinks, how can one get so much glowing and beautiful skin. The month of the festival is coming and everyone keeps searching on the internet and YouTube to get makeup like these celebrities.

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If you also want to get beautiful and glowing skin like these celebrities through makeup, then definitely follow these makeup tricks. Here are 5 such makeup tricks, which Bollywood divas use in every party, promotion, festival, and movie.

Let’s know the celebrity makeup tricks of 2021, with the help of which you too can easily get glowing skin like these movie stars.

No Makeup Look

The natural beauty succeeds in achieving the minimal soft look perfectly by covering dark spots or blemishes softly and highlighting features she’s proud of. To accomplish this, apply concealer under your eyes, on the corner of your nose, on the top of your lip or anywhere you see a dark spot, and set it up with loose powder. Blush with a light pink color and apply mascara.

The Classic Red Lip

The trend of wearing red lips isn’t going anywhere. It is important to emphasize your mouth and keep the rest of your face minimal to achieve this celebrity look. Put on a good lip scrub, moisturize your lips, and follow it up with a bold red lip liner to make your lips appear fuller. Finish your look with a splash of red eyeliner and concealer, and foundation to complete your look.

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Get Rosy Look

Pink is the color of this look. In terms of rosy looks, Janhavi Kapoor does an amazing job. Everyone should try the rosy look. We’re using only one color, this is a fairly straightforward look to accomplish.

Your favorite pink lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow should all be nearby. The loose powder should be applied. Foundation, concealer, and powder should be applied to the base. Once that’s done; apply eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush. Make sure you don’t use pink mascara, eyeliner, or bright lipstick on these eyes since they are meant to be soft and sweet.

Glass Skin Makeup

Korean skincare is the inspiration for glass skin makeup. The look is somewhat complex and focuses equally on the skin. Prepare your skin by applying creams and serums before applying makeup. To avoid looking caked on, use a highlighting primer, foundation, and concealer minimally. Add lots of highlighter to your soft blush and subtle lips.

Highlight the main areas of your face, like the upper cheekbones, the forehead center, the tip of the nose, the cupid bone, and the chin. Feel free to put some on your shoulders and collarbones when you feel a bit extra. You can get the celebrity makeup look without having to use a spotlight.

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Keep Vibrant

The pop of funky color will spruce up any party look. The look is meant to put you in an upbeat mood for all-night partying. The rest of the face is kept minimal while your eye makeup is perfect.

Start with the base – concealer, and add a bit extra to your eyelids so it looks more vibrant. You don’t have to be afraid to color block the eyelids and under the eye with complimentary colors. Balance your look with matte lipstick and a soft blush.

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