America will now give Stinger missile to Ukraine
America will now give Stinger missile to Ukraine

On Saturday, Germany announced that it would provide 500 surface-to-air Stinger missiles to Ukraine as part of its war against Russia. Now, America is also providing Stinger missiles to Ukraine. Ukraine received direct delivery of Stinger missiles for the first time on Friday. Ukraine has not yet been informed when Stinger missiles will be delivered by the US. Officials from the United States are currently handling the logistics of the shipment.

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As soon as possible, Germany will send 1,000 antitank weapons and 500 surface-to-surface missiles to Ukraine, according to the German chancellor’s office. Olaf Scholz, Germany’s Chancellor, said, “The attack on Ukraine marks a turning point in history.” This threatens the entire post-war system. Against Vladimir Putin‘s invading forces, Ukraine must do everything it can to defend itself.

Germany has allowed the Netherlands to send 400 German-made antitank weapons to Ukraine, the German Ministry of Economic and Climate announced on Saturday evening. In addition, the Estonian government approved the shipment of nine D-30 howitzers with ammunition.

What is the Stinger Missile?

Scientists in the United States developed the Stinger missile in 1980. A 35-pound shoulder-fired Stinger missile is equipped with an infrared sensor that can identify any plane by its heat. Five feet long, the missile travels twice as fast as sound, destroying its target.

Many countries have provided military aid to Ukraine

Ukraine has only 318 aircraft and 122 combat helicopters, while Russia has 4,173 aircraft and 1,543 combat helicopters. Ukraine will be in a better position to respond to Russian airstrikes when it receives support from Stinger missiles. US Vice President Joe Biden announced the US $ 350 million in military assistance for Ukraine.

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