WhatsApp is bringing multi-device updates
WhatsApp is bringing multi-device updates

The WhatsApp company is releasing an update for multi-device users in which they have fixed bugs as well as made improvements. WhatsApp users on Android and iOS will soon be able to use this update along with desktop and web users. With the beta update, users can connect up to four desktop devices simultaneously without needing to have an active internet connection.

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The WABetaInfo website stated, “Since this is a beta, everyone can opt-in or out at any time.” Several WhatsApp multi-device functionality enhancements were made in November 2021, according to WABetaInfo. When the security code changes, people no longer receive chat notifications when the device list is updated and other improvements are made to improve the compatibility of the portal.

The multi-device option no longer allows people to opt-out since it has been deemed more stable. There are, however, some features WhatsApp isn’t providing, including link preview, broadcast list, and chat with your own phone number. These features will be added in the next update.

Also, WhatsApp is working on improving the log-in process when organizing messages, especially when a large number of messages need to be downloaded, to make the login experience faster.

According to reports, WhatsApp will commence rolling out similar changes and improvements to iOS users in the coming weeks as well as to Android users in April, enabling end-to-end encryption as well as providing the best security experience.

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