The Flipkart Sell Back program
The Flipkart Sell Back program

The e-commerce platform Flipkart has announced a new program that will enhance the user experience. Flipkart offers the option of selling your old phone. The Flipkart Sell Back program allows customers to sell their old smartphones. One special feature is that you will get the buyback value in the form of Flipkart Electronics Gift Vouchers instead of cash.

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There are 1700 pin codes available through Flipkart’s program, including those for Delhi, Kolkata, and Patna. Flipkart users will now be able to sell any of their old smartphones. It is also not necessary that the phone be purchased from Flipkart.

The company stated that, in the coming time, the program will be extended to the second category as well. Flipkart offers this program at the bottom of its app. Flipkart’s app must be opened in order to use this service.

Afterward, you are required to select ‘cell back’. Flipkart executives will pick up your handset within 48 hours after you answer three questions about its value.

The Flipkart Electronic Gift Voucher will be sent to the customer once the verification is complete. Flipkart customers can use this voucher to make purchases.

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