13 percent reduction in corona cases india
13 percent reduction in corona cases india

There has been a decrease in new Corona cases in India a day later. There were 1,49,394 new Corona infections reported in the country today. A decrease of 13 percent has been observed in new Corona cases compared to yesterday, i.e. Thursday. Yesterday, 1,72,433 new Corona cases were reported.

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Active cases decreased by 14,35,569

The Ministry of Health reported that 1,072 patients died from Covid19 in the last 24 hours. In the same period of time, 2,46,674 patients were cured as well. Corona’s active cases currently number 14,35,569 throughout the country. A 9.27% decline in daily positivity has also been noted. In the meantime, the total number of dead reached 5,00,055.

On Thursday, 16,11,666 samples were tested

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) reported yesterday that 16,11,666 samples were tested for Coronavirus in India. A total of 73,58,04,280 samples have been tested since yesterday.

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