5 new WhatsApp features are expected soon
5 new WhatsApp features are expected soon

There is a bunch of new features that WhatsApp is working on, and they are expected to be available soon. There are plans to implement a new option for last seen, disappearing chats, and revamped group information pages, according to reports. You may soon be able to send videos and images in high-resolution to WhatsApp. Read on to know more.

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5 new WhatsApp features are expected soon

New Last Seen Option

Within the next few months, WhatsApp will introduce the option for hiding the last seen for specific contacts. We can expect the stable version to include this feature in the near future, according to WaBetaInfo. A source reports that users of iOS and Android will be able to take advantage of the new feature.

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Users will soon be able to enable the last seen option for individual contacts in the privacy settings of the messaging service. Those who do not wish their last time on WhatsApp to be disclosed can use this feature. Note that if you do not share your last seen with anyone, others will not be able to see yours.

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Chats Disappearing

A new disappearing chat feature could also be coming soon. WhatsApp will allow one-on-one conversations as well as group chats via this mode, WaBetaInfo reports. The disappearing messages feature has been enhanced with this feature.

New chat threads will be immediately converted to ephemeral chats with disappearing chats.” There is a setting under Privacy. It is reportedly reported that all new messages in every chat or group will disappear after a short time after you enable it.

You must turn off disappearing chats if you do not want all your messages to be deleted. Activating disappearing messages mode in a new chat will notify users, according to the cited source. A beta version of WhatsApp appeared recently with this feature.

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Group Icon Editor

Group icon editor redesigned group info page: Adding a new camera icon editor to the group info page: Facebook is also working on a new group icon editor, which was spotted in Android beta version When users do not already have an icon for a group, they can create it with this new feature.

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In addition to the icon’s background color, the user can also select it from a variety of options. Emojis and stickers could also be offered by WhatsApp.

Users may also notice chat and call buttons front and center on the group info page in addition to the new group icon editor. WhatsApp for iOS beta version revealed this redesign, as reported by WaBetaInfo. Several of the buttons for audio, video and chat seem to be larger in the new design. It is possible that the admins can provide the invitation link as well. We could soon see both features.

High-resolution Photos or Videos

Video and photo attachments are heavily compressed in WhatsApp so that they can be sent quickly to contacts. Sending poor-quality media, however, is not very popular. A new feature will be developed for the app soon that will allow users to select whether to upload videos or photos in a higher or lower quality. According to the report, users will soon be able to choose from ‘Best Quality’, ‘Data Saver’, or Auto modes to determine the quality of video clips they share.

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Images into Stickers

In a recent report, WaBetaInfo reported that the messaging app plans to add a new feature that will let you create stickers from your images. Upon rolling out the feature, users will notice a new sticker icon next to the caption bar when uploading new pictures.

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With this icon selected, WhatsApp will send the image as a sticker, not as a regular picture. Apparently, users will be able to determine whether the image you have shared is a sticker or not when cited in the source. 2.2137.3 desktop beta version includes this feature, which is currently under development.

All these 5 new features can be seen soon with the new update of WhatsApp, in which WhatsApp has been working for a long time.

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