Chennai roads submerged due to heavy rains
Chennai roads submerged due to heavy rains

Rain has been pouring heavily in Chennai since the night before. A total of 21 centimeters of rain fell on the city today until 8.30 am, flooding low-lying areas.

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Heavy rain was predicted for this morning by the India Meteorological Department. In south Chennai, Sangeeta Rajesh describes how water enters her apartment at Pujithivakkam near Madipakkam. She said, “There is water in the car park. There are three nearby under-construction sites that stopped rainwater, so water is entering homes.”

Through KK Nagar, Chennai, knee-deep water was encountered. Today, Dr. Raghavan was dropping off his father at the airport when he said, “The interior of KK Nagar has knee-deep water at all intersections, which makes working on the incomplete sewage/metro waterworks of the area tough and dangerous.” Anna Nagar is suffering from flooding in many areas. Several cars and two-wheelers were partially submerged in the water caused by waterlogging on the roads.

Several houses in Chennai have been damaged by water, says resident Mary Bano. The water reaches the waist in some places. An electrical outage and a drainage issue have occurred on 10th street in my lane.

Chembarambakkam Lake will release water this afternoon, as all the lakes in and around Chennai are full. 82.35 ft of water have been recorded in the 85.4 ft high area of the lake.

Several districts along the Adyar River have been warned of flooding, especially Kancheepuram and Chengalpattu.

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