Haldiram made this big mistake in the fast-food packet
Haldiram made this big mistake in the fast-food packet

The food for Haldiram’s fast has caused anger on social media over a company known for snacks, namkeen, and sweets. The hashtag #BoycottHaldiram has been trending on Twitter. This is an outrage because the descriptions of Haldiram’s fast food packets sold here are in Urdu. There is the anger being expressed on social media regarding this issue.

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Why is the description in Urdu?

Haldiram’s Falahari Namkeen packets have been shared on Twitter and Instagram by many people. We can clearly see that some lines are written in Urdu on the top of the packet. People are now asking Haldiram’s company why the goods are described in Urdu instead of Hindi or English during the fasting period? Haldiram is trying to hide something? Here are viral tweets…

Is Haldiram cheating?

It is in this case that people are asking whether Haldiram is mixing something into his fast food that he wants to hide from people? Haldiram cheats his fasting and religious customers. It is written in a tweet here that this kind of Urdu writing betrays Hindus fasting during Navratri. A number of people have called for a boycott of Haldiram, and some have called for an apology from Haldiram. However, there are some who believe the line written on this packet is correct, describing Urdu as an Indian language.

Also, a video has gone viral

For this situation, one video viral on social media. This has also been documented on social media, where a woman takes Haldiram’s snack packet in hand and asks for answers from the store manager in this case. This situation makes the manager angry as well. But she does not provide any answers regarding the Urdu on this packet. After this, the woman asked if she could ask you what you want to hide and why the packet is written in Urdu. On this matter, the store manager says to do whatever you like, I will not say anything about it.

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