Will Google fire employees who do not get Coronavirus vaccine
Will Google fire employees who do not get Coronavirus vaccine

Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., informed its employees that if they do not follow the Covid Protocols, they would not receive a salary. In some cases, the job may also be lost. On Tuesday, CNBC cited internal documents to support this claim.

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Google provided its employees a memo stating that they had until December 3 to declare their vaccination status and provide evidence or apply for medical or religious exemptions.

It is reported by CNBC that Google would contact employees who hadn’t uploaded their vaccine status or had not been vaccinated after that date. CNBC reports that Google will fire employees who do not follow vaccination regulations by January 18. A paid administrative leave of 30 days will be granted to them. Next, the employee will be on ‘Unpaid Personal Leave’ for six months before the service is terminated.

CNBC’s claim was unreported, but Google said, “We will do our best to help our employees get vaccinated.”

Google Work from Home decision delayed by Omicron

However, Google has decided to delay its work from home program until later this year. By January 10, Google will be working in the office at least three days a week. After that, the work-from-home policy will end. Omicron Google executives told employees that a return to work plan would not be implemented yet, given the current situation. After examining the circumstances to be faced, a decision will be made regarding the return to office plan.

After taking the Corona vaccine twice in the past eight weeks, about 40% of American workers are returning to work. Because of Omicron, now working from home can be possible again. As a result of the Corona epidemic, Google was one of the first companies to permit its employees to work from home. In about 60 countries, there are 85 Google offices.

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