Strong earthquake shook Indonesia
Strong earthquake shook Indonesia

Java, Indonesia‘s largest island, has experienced a powerful earthquake. This earthquake resulted in the deaths of 44 people and the injuries of more than 300 others. This information was provided by AFP, which cited a local authority. This earthquake registered a 5.4 on the Richter scale for intensity.

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The magnitude of this earthquake was such that it caused the city’s tall buildings to shake and sent residents fleeing from their homes and workplaces. Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, also experienced an earthquake earlier on Friday. On the Richter scale, it registered as having a 6.6 intensity. It was 20 kilometers deep underground.

Damage to many buildings and roofs

Several buildings and their roofs in Chianjur were damaged by the earthquake, according to local Indonesian media. The local meteorological department warns residents to exercise caution because this region may experience additional earthquake tremors. So, people avoid going near structures. The number of fatalities linked to this earthquake may rise, according to some reports, because many individuals may be buried under the rubble and numerous others may have fractures.

Approximately 20 thousand earthquakes occur worldwide each year

Please inform them that there are roughly 20,000 earthquakes worldwide each year. However, they don’t have a strong enough intensity to do significant harm. The National Earthquake Information Center records these earthquakes. Information indicates that only 100 of every 20,000 earthquakes actually cause harm. In 2004, an earthquake in the Indian Ocean lasted the longest in recorded history. The 10-minute aftershock was felt.

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